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Early Bird Specials

Early Bird Specials

Here are a couple best value rated trips which give a great experience at a nicely discounted price.

Interested in the Scenic Day Sail aboard Madeleine?

Take our Morning Scenic Day Sail Monday through Friday throughout the season and get $5 off each and every ticket you purchase for this cruise.  Same great sail that we do at various times throughout the day along with a really great savings.

Interested in the Lighthouses & Mimosas Cruise on Rum Runner II?

Take our 9:30 Lighthouses & Mimosas Cruise on any Saturday or Sunday between Memorial Day weekends and Labor Day weekend and get $5 off each and every tickets purchased for this cruise.  Just like Madeleine’s Early Bird Special – Its the exact same cruise as the later morning Lighthouses & Mimosas Cruise along with a really great savings.

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