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Keeping it Green

We’re passionate about sustainability and our environment

Here at Classic Cruises of Newport, we’ve become more passionate about sustainability and our environment – so one of the biggest decisions we have made is to take the initiative to go green and implement a program where we can help improve our environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

Here are some of the ways we have found to go green and protect our environment:

  • Clean burning Biodiesel instead of petroleum based diesel fuel
  • Using compostable cups instead of traditional plastic cups
  • Getting rid of stir sticks, plastic cup lids and single use plastic water bottles
  • Using a fresh water system along with compostable cups which eliminates individual plastic water bottles on board

We’d love to hear from you about our steps to being green and welcome any new ideas that we can use to be even more green!

Below are some of our friend who have made it possible for us to reduce our carbon footprint by over 70%!

Newport Biodiesel

Our friends at Newport Biodiesel produces clean burning  sustainable fuel using waste vegetable oil sourced from area restaurants.  It can fuel diesel engines such as on our boats, Rum Runner II and Madeleine or home heating furnaces without any modification.

Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics. They are committed to a sustainable model to help protect the environment, reduce the carbon footprint, and convert a locally generated waste product into a superior alternative fuel


Eco Products

We use Eco Products because all their products are either made from post-consumer recycled content or they are made from renewable plant materials that can be grown again and again.

We’ve chosen to use their Green Stripe products which are made from sugarcane,  bamboo and soy.  Once finished with, all our cups are fully compostable and will be returned to the ground to help grow new plants.

We’re talking and taking the green initiative.  We all have the power and opportunity to act and to take charge independently.  Every little bit helps so won’t you join us in going green!