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Community Partners & Friends

We have partnered with two of our favorite organizations in Newport – Clean Ocean Access and Sail Newport

Clean Ocean Access

The Clean Ocean Access organization has a vision – A healthy ocean!

And their goal is Clean Ocean Access

  • Clean:  Eliminate Marine Debris
  • Ocean:  Improve Coastal Water Quality
  • Access:  Protect and Preserve Shoreline Access

This partnership has a lot of meaning to us.   We spend all our time in and on the waters of Newport Harbor, Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound, where there is so much natural beauty which is in desperate need of preservation.  We are stewards of our environment,  so we’re taking an active stance on cleaning up and helping to maintain our environment so  it will get healthy, stay healthy and flourish for generations to come.

See what Clean Ocean Access is doing and how people like you can help

Sail Newport

The mission of the Sail Newport Education Program is to provide hands-on educational opportunities for children in our community to be exposed to life on and under the waters of Narragansett Bay and beyond.  The education program at Sail Newport will expose and educate participants to the fundamentals of sailing, sustainability, marine science, weather and ocean conservation in partnership with related non-profit organizations and educational institutions

We LOVE Sail Newport and we’re so excited to partner with them.   We’ll be using Madeleine and Rum Runner II as education platforms, taking local children out as part of their school curriculum for a hands on education on the water.

Check out what’s happening at Sail Newport’s Education Program

Seamen’s Church Institute

The Seamen’s Church Institute protects, preserves and enhances the maritime culture of Newport and Narragansett Bay by proving education, hospitality and a safe haven for those who work, live and play on or by the sea.

Check out the Discovery Deck located inside The Seamen’s Church Institute

RI Coastal Resources Management Council

Save The Bay

Madeleine and Rum Runner II spend most of their time on Narragansett Bay and this is an organization that has been near and dear to our hearts for many years.

Save The Bay’s mission is to protect and improve Narragansett Bay. The vision is a fully swimmable, fishable, healthy Narragansett Bay, accessible to all and globally recognized as the natural treasure it is.

See what they do at Save the Bay